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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  March 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in a neighborhood in the inner coastal district. let me tell you why this is an important case for miami-dade. they believe there are numerous victims out there. how did they crack this case? an later citizen. >> they is saw jones in aion in miami-dade police bust him in his book bag all this loot and now they are flook dozens o o other cases. >> approximately 20 right but but we have ten that are a sure thing. this case is very important to us. throughout the district we've had a rash of burglaries t vehicles. many in the last month and they are on the rise again unfortunately. >> so miami-dade police are very grateful this guy is off the streets. remember, this is an ongoing investigation. we've been mentioning here as many as 20, perhahs even 25 cases f. have you any information on mr. jones, pick up the phone and call crime stoppers. that number is 305-471-tips.
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by the way, there is surveillance video we are told by miami-dade police and we're hoping to get our hands on tt video tomorrow. we're live in northeast miami-dade. rosh lowe. 7 news. all right rosh. thank you. a south florida mother accused of a gassily crime involving her own baby enter age plea. pay o lavar quas gas ortiz has been on a mental health hold for several weeks now undergoing a psycycatric evaluation while are on house arrest. today her lawyer plead not guilty on her ab hall. she is charged with manslaughter after depp nuys homestead say they found her 5-month-old son dead nay freezer. >> a not so sweet treat for south miami jo yo gurt shot. e store manager says the man through a baseball bat at the store across from sunset place shattering the window. he thinks it ways random affect vandalism. police are now looking f the person behind the crime.
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down town miami that has been left alone for decades is now the center of attention crews breaking ground in the biggest project magic city's history. craig stevens live at news desksk with more. craig. >> craig: lynn t is under way. this megaproject getting prepared as s uth florida prepares to revitalize the neighborhood. >> the center officially broke ground on sunday. and sowj south florida's lincoln road. nut destination will feature retail stores, outdoor cafes. bars and rest tour and and entertainment. >> i want people in europe and rave canned say i'm they'd miami-dade county to the world center. located in the core of town town miami. the center will be north business district extending between second and miami avenue 11th street with easy access to cultural institutions and parks. >> we always had in mind let's
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transformative. let's doing in snag will give back to the neighborhood because that's what it's all b. to have something like this come together in a developers lifetime is a miracle. i'm espspially prowftd community benefits that were committed by world center. a minimum of 25% of all workers willll be rest dents of miami-dade county. >> it will feature a variety of places to live including a signature rest den shall tower. the condominium. if you don't want to live there but want a staycation. stay at march ceet world convention center hotel. today this city holds the leaders in innovation and leaders in de sign. this will be the place that people from around thehe world will look at miami and say, you know, that's the city i'm going to coom pair myself too. we are going to be that future sit tift america. >> we're the best project in miam every one loves us. >> these renders gz there from the developer.
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project in miami history will be a source of $2 billion in an area of the city that has set idol for 50 or so years. in the newsplex. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> >> danielle: also on 7, a moving memial for a k9 cop. officers gathering to say does buy t t an important member of the force. the police dog brought in for a surgical procedure but that routine operation took a tragic turn. belkeys nerey live in the plex with more on how the k9 is being remembered. belkeys. >> >> belkeys: he served the department and city for years and now th fellow officers are saying their final farewell. >> the story of the amazing life started on october 30, 2007 in key west florida. >> belkeke: soon the german shephard was paired with helen
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>> everything in that bog o dog's world was good andd he pro diswhreactd when you met high. ian tum's service with the police department would end after eieit years. not because of the danger. he passed away from complications during surgery. >> just as it is when human police officers pass on. quantum was honored by his colleagues and other police officers and k9 teams from all over south florida. >> these are police officers and the bond i i so special between the handler and the dog and it's hard to understand until you're actually here and you can see the loss that a k9 handler suffers because of the lots of dog. >> belkeys: as a community police officer quantum had a special relationship with area school children. they even create aid poster to display what the favorit k9 officer meant to. they it's helping officer morrison with her grief. she loves seeing how quantum touched so many lives.
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such a gentle k9 officer. he was never mustled while on the force. live in the plex. belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> lynn: thank you belkeys. another day of tough testimony for sports reporter erin an driewvmentz a colleague testifying via videoconference nay tennessee courtroom today. >> and i recall i think it was, it was difficult for her. it was a very difficult time and she was struggling with it. an drowz is sowing her ledged stucker former major loaj catcher moikel bir et long with mir yot international and others afer barrett took a nude video of her while she was stage at theeotel change in 2000. barrett ended up leak video on line and he already went to jail. >> danielle: a dangerous drive in california. an uber driver facing charges after autrities say he ran a red light and crashed into an
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he filededailed the dui test before the officers arrested him. and they say the driver was not working at the time. crash. >> lynn: a a a teen's attorney speak owght after video of of a police officer slapping and kicking him in a baltimore school hay hallway goes viral. they s the teen was just trying to get to class. >> based on the evidence we have we are certain that he belongs to that school. >> lynn: however, an attorney for the officer says the teenager does not attend the school and he became be lish rentnt when. officer repeatedly asked limb to leervetion the teen suffering iniuries to his face and ribs. the officer now on administrative leave. >> danielle: coming own 7 news. pepeowners concerned about what's happening to cats in a south florida neighborhood it's a story on just one station. >> lynn: a cyber security breech and some south florida officers are very conofrned. >> danielle: and a couple who just bought a car n- ends up behind a semi way tire problem.
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sharing their story of survival. >> lynn: and doctors finally pinpoint the problem of this little girl believed to have had a sinus problem. thth was not the real problem. >> phil: all right swrevment plenty of cloud cover here across south florida. by tomorrow a front will move through. high pressure will build behind that front. should clear out all the cloudiness and that should set us up for a nice saturday and sunday. the entire out look just a few minutes. for the latest news weather and sports, tap the 7 news app. it's free. just search wsvn in your app store sponsored by paul bange roofing.
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>> danielle: tire trouble turning down right dangerous and now a couple thank thrirg lucky stars that they are alive. it happened in just an instant. a tire from a semi truck coming lose and there was no time to swerve out of way. >> it was like the guy came down and smacked the tire out of way just in time. >> amy and jared jee der still can'tt believe they are alive. >> i was thankful to be ally. i didn't want to say goodbye to my? >> they say a semi truck's tire busted through their wind shield as they were headed for silver daledale tuesday afternoon. >> it was coming freight at me. if it wantz for the steering wheel i probably would have lost myife. >> aim has cuts on her hands jared hit his head on the dashboard. they just bought the 1999 honda
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the vehicle was in good condition and main taifnltd the driver of the semi told them he news just had new tires putn the truck and there may have been an issue with the way the tire wasounted. they say they are just grateful to be laif and together tonight. it's really hard for me. pgh i can't get it to stop replaying in my head. >> danielle: and the couple says that the damage to the car cost more than what they paid for the car and so they have set up a go fund me page. >> lynn: thank you danielle. a sneezing california 5-year-old revealing a big pin problem. er mom taking her to several doctors near los angeles but none noticed the one and half inch safetyin p that was in her nose. >> i know it's gross but lins. she said her daughter never complained about pain but she did need to blow her nose every five minutes and that's exactly how the pin finally came out. >> show blows it and out comes the safety pin.
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object. it was bigger than her nose. we were horrified. >> i said, did you put up this there. ? she did and forgot to tell me. >> >> lynn: i shoved it up my nose and forgot to tell you about it. the pin was stuck in her nose for six months. that's why it looks the way it does. doctors will now look for infections. maybe look fow for a spoofl thread. >> danielle: she can start spring and sewing. my goodness. >> and mororcoming up from the news station. dliewgd dog. a dog with a one of the coolest k9 jobs making the rounds on social media. >> lynn: he is so cute and you maybe friends with the newest multimillionaire. the power bat. the story in the next half hour.
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>> lynn: it's all nay day's work for an adorable doggie that has become an internet sensation. yes see. a superstar. >> his many followers think he is one cool k9. >> danielle: and his workforce plays a big part in his populari. >> shireen sandoval in the plex with the story. shireen. >> and a seven yeesh old boarder collie has gotten a very important jobt a an airport sevment a runner and stylish one too. nearly four mill m onpple are cloingd this story. the piperhe boarder collie. and he has goggles and a safety vest while the helicopter roars behind him. the specs are to protect hissize. they are sunglasses first and for movements the ear muffs are
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aircraft and vest soik lift him up and do all sorts of cool things with him. >> brian edwards works long side piper every day holding down the fort at traf ver city. it is the best thing in the world. i can't imagine anything else now. >> he may look bad to the bone in this picture. but deep down in side piper say lover. >> he has a great personality. very well traifnltd loves people once gets to know them. his job is to run. keeping the runways clear and the aircraft safe by chasing all kinds of creatures off of the runwnw. >> piper is a wild life control k9 and basically what he does is chases away all sorts of wild life. birds, fox. you name it from the runways and taxi waivmentz anything we don't want to come in contact with aircraft. >> so far he has done a good job. >> no one is to he increase safety. we've noticed a reduction in bimpleth primary the snowy out.
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the world. while he doesn't receive a pay check for his services. he gets rewarded in other ways. he gets streets treats. having the job is reward for them. that's w`at they were bread to do. they need the job to keep their mind going. he was adopted in 20 1250e6789 turn out to be a perfect fit after a little practice. if i knew he had that april ta tiewt tiewd and we just needed to hone that. obstacle after obstacle and a whole lot of treats lat. piper is an asset keeping the airport running smooth. it's been an amazing journey it's been the most fulfilling thing for me is to see h grow at an older age. look how cute that guy i i >> if you want to follow piper's add ven tiewshz, they are called in photos and video on the chair cher ri capital airport instagram page. live in the media center. shireen san do vavment 7 news.
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meteorologist phil fro. >> phil: all right. good afternoon every one. here's the big view coast to coast and right now plenty of cloud cover across south florida and all that cloudiness coming out of yucatan peninsula. here. area of less preour and a big winter storm set sto push in across the west coast over the next 12 to 24 hours. temperatures cold air is moving in across the great lakes and coast. temperatures here near freezing. 350e7bsd 40s along the mid atlantic states and north east. 85 right now in san antonio. a very comfortable 64 degrees in l.a. >> sch is look dry right now. even though we do have the cloudiness and a front that's fall parting are. the area we do not expect any temperature change whatsoever. now, where he following another front making it's waycross the gulf statements. by tomorrow late in the day. that should start to move in across south florida. we might be able to squeak a
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by saturday, there's still a slight chance or coastal shower but then once the front goes through high pressure builds in and all the clouds should start to move way. the only down side will be rite rough waters four boaters. and the threat of rip currents at the beach. here's the marine forecast. a slight chance of rip currents night winds up to ten nauts. biscayne bay with a light chop. nowrt florida keys, no advisories, a seas inside and beyond the reef one to 2 feet. cost twawl ters a light chop. now, next high tide for dade and broward will be at 426. 6:51 for the lower keys. you're water temperature holding firm at 57 degrees. for tonight plenty of cloud cover. the winds generally out of southwest across the mainland. vair able for the florida keys. er night lows in the mid to upper 60s. what's average is about 64. now, by tomorrow i still think we're going to see plenty of cloud coverage.
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across broward, miami-dade. the keys vair able five to ten. highs will be in the upper 70s to the low 80s. here's your extended out look. once that front goes through, frfray night, everything starts to clear out for the weekend. it should be nice and breeses disivment warm highs around 80 and then we should be near typical temperatures through tuesday warming up again for wednesday and thursday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> danielle: all right phil. thank you mile. next up from t newsplex. championship. action. >> danielle: plus, donald trump fiersz back after mitt romney delivers the sharpest attacks against the gop front runner so far. >> now you can find 7 news on facebook and twitter. just search wsvn.
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>> >> danielle: the make of champions: miami heat wheels team now the part of a new fill. a iervetion. >> lynn: 7's mike dipasquale has more on their hoop dreams. >> >> it's been a journey years in the make. miami heat wheels bring home a title. >> over 18 years and to finally pb with a team this caliber that worked so hard to achieve. that it's very meaningful because it also expresses the wearness of a lot of people not wear of what we do and what we have accomplish oovmentd. >> former heat all-star glenn rison hand along with the heat dearntionz for the championship banner unveiling. the teen team the subject of the
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ha which calls the hard work behind the scenes. >> pulled out a gun and shot me and i just remember tell mig self, don't closure your eyes because if i close may eyes i'm going to die into. >> from the home to the hardwood. the film introduces the fans to the triumphs and players. >> >> it's lovely to injure whole life basketball and the life outside of the court being filmed and on footage. it gives people an insight of what goes on with a person with dill a bill tivment his lifestyle. and building from injuries and to lack of funding. cameras aloud all access to the team. we did car washes and other things to raise money to be able to attend to other tournaments so it's a really good feeling make th the championship. >> family and friends taking part nay big bash celebrating the squad's achievement. >> the excitement really happens at the end of the gamame and of
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now. so we've been. we've been having this party nce april. and so miami knows how to throw a party you can watch the world premier off the rebound at the miami international film possess f- festival on march 5th. >> in the plex miem mike dipasquale. 7 news. >> lynn: got to check out that documentary. >> danielle: absolutely. looks great doesn't it. >> lynn: that. >> danielle: well, that 17 news 59 6:30. thanks for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> now on 7 news. felines the victim ave disturbing attack. what else could be a clue to a cat killer? just one station has the story. hackers getting into web sites and officers across south florida have reason to be concerned. >> donald trump in another war of words as the former republican nominee for the white house doesn't hold bk.
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but a judge smaig else. >> carmel is on the case. this is 7 news at 6:00. now on just one station a disturbing discovery in a sou florida neighborhood. animals, the victims of sickening attacks. >> i want these animals rites to be respected and it's not happen oog tonights cats an investigation after cats were killed. >> belkeys: hello and welcome. aruesome site involving some cats. >> and an anonymous note found along with these an navmentz sheldon fox live in miami with the exclusive. sheldon. >> reporter: a chilling and horrible note belkeys and c cig. a disgusting tack. has miami-dade anima services look nothing this a second time. if your screamish of animal%
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well, please be careful as you watch this one. >> unfortunately this is the society that we live in. >> reporter: gina glass ik of sage animal rescue just placed what she says is a de tap cap pa tated cast into a bag. >> we see this type of stuff far too often but it never gets easy. >> she was e-mailed about this cat and several others just like it. animal advocates say they were found in the area of west flagler treat and 37th avenue. they decapitated ten cats in the past four days. ra lor detion and others have come to this area and others arnd miami-dade county to for mears yeers to make sure cats are spade and knew teempletd i have two cats that will go in for spay and neuter and de worm. but despite all the cats fair o cats in the area. some want them gone. here's a note where she@ places food. no feed cats here. kill all cats it reads.
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respected and not lay in the street. >> miami-dade an nal services say they visited the area wednesday and only found evidence of a cat that had been run over by a car. the advocates have since sent county officials these pictures and that threatening note. >> it was devastating. i mean, these are cats that i've seen since they werely. i had them neutered and sde. >> we don't have the action on film or photo which is what really would enforce the county and also the state law. this is a criminal offense which should be investigated as that. this is a dangerous person. danger to society. >> glass sick finished her time here walking to t tt bag to a local hospital to pay to have the dead animal cream made the. >> a and since saving lot of this new informatiti. miami-dade animal services promise thez are puttingn vais investigator on thistory for a


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